luni, 22 august 2011

Hello there!

Welcome to the website. If you want to have a great time while you are alone, then you came to the right place. Before starting to build your cool sex toys DIY style, please take a second to read this article, so we will get things straight :).

First of all, we are not a porn site. If you are looking for porn, go somewhere else. This site is not for porn.

We are not some kind of freaky perverts. Well, it depends on what you understand by "perverts" :), but we think of our visitors as of some normal people that like to use the gift they have - sexual pleasure - to make life better. Of course that making love with your special one is the best thing ever, but sometimes this is impossible. For these times, you can use the toys you build by following this website to make your day feel great.

If masturbation offends you, your society or your religion please leve the website. We don't want to offend anybody. We just want to show you some great sex toys you can build yourself at home, so that you can have some fun in your free time.

We do it for free. We put some work into building the toys and writing the tutorials for you, so if you ever feel like saying thanks, just do it. It helps us to keep doing this.

If you like any of the builds and want to share it, please don't copy our content and paste it somewhere else - on a forum or website. If possible, put our link in there. If not, just private message the adress to the users that want it. We put some work into our content and it feels really bad when you see your work stolen.

We are not doctors. If any build seems unsafe to you, please don't do it. We are not responsible for any bad thing that happens to you if you build our toys. This includes: becoming addicted to your toy, being caught by mom/dad/sister/girl friend/wife/grandparents/so on while having fun with it, leaving your toy around for your kids to find, etc. We are only responsible for making your free time feel great :)

Have fun and start checking the builds right now!

Extra: Get playfull, be creative

This is an Sex Toys DIY extra. This means that we won't show you how to actually build a toy this time, but we will try to give you some tips to have more fun.

It's all about being creative. Let's say your special one has been away for a while, and you really miss some time spent with her. A lot of guys would just take a porn picture and fap for 5 minutes. That's kind of boring. You could get playfull this time instead. Why not take her sexy bra (with her sweet perfume in it) and put it on a pillow? Her boobs aren't there, but two water filled balloons can take their place for the moment.  If 2 balloons aren't handy, use some cotton wool or anything nice and soft you can find around. Close your eyes and give the pillow a hug. Of course you are just hugging a pillow with two balloons in a bra and you look stupid. But keep your eyes closed and think about your girl. Think about her boobs, and how you would give them a kiss. The feeling of the hug and her perfume will really enrich the experience. It will feel way better than just fapping in the bathroom. You are probably very excited now, so you could start making some love to your girl, as shown in "The Pillow Lover".

This could also be combined with some thru-phone sex for even more reallism. As the title of the extra says, it's all about getting playfull and being creative. This way your boring fapping session will be replaced by a way better feeling experience.

sâmbătă, 13 august 2011

Tail to pussy conversion

Difficulty: Low;

Items needed: 1 long tailed plush toy;

Ok, this one will maybe sound wierd, retarded or even stupid to some of you. It wasn't ment to be related to any animal fetish some of you have, though. It's just a simple build that feels very good. And all you need is some kind of plush toy with a long tail. It can be anything, but one example could be a kangaroo toy.

In order to turn this into a "pussy" we will use it's tail. The tail should be at least the size of your penis.

Start by cutting a hole about the radius of the tail on it's opposite side - in our example the kangaroo's belly. After you cut the hole, pull out some of the plush, but don't throw it away. You will need it again soon. Yet, we have to empty the tail, so take out all the plush that's in the way. When the tail is empty, put back the plush in the rest of the animal, so that everything is full again, except for the tail. Now using your fingers, or something longer if needed, make the tail go inside out, through the animal and the hole you made earlier. Make sure the "vagina" you made isn't too loose or too tight. Make it just perfect: if it's too loose stuff some more plush from the tail inside the animal. If it's too tight, take some of the plush out. After you are sure your "vagina" has the perfect size, cut the tip of the tail which is now pointing out through the hole. If you have any sewing experience, sew the tail to the hole edges. This will stop it from coming out when you will penetrate your new pussy.

Now that your pussy is done, how do you "do it"?

Well, your toy is probably made of some kind of fabric. This makes it a not-so-nice place for your penis and this is why you have to use a thin plastic bag. A trash bag (unused of course!) works great, as it is very soft with your penis, yet it slides pretty nicely into your "vagina". So you can either put the thrash bag on your penis and then penetrate the toy, or fit the trash bag through the toy, squirt in some lube and start penetrating, or you could first put a condom on, then the trash bag if you want to. It's up to you. Find what feels better and have fun!

miercuri, 13 iulie 2011

The condom blowjob

Difficulty: Very low

Items needed: 1 lubricated, dotted and ribbed condom.

This one is very easy, and you only need 1 lubricated condom. Though, it can feel very very good, especially if the condom is dotted and ribbed. It will actually feel like a blowjob, if you do all the things right. Here's what you have to do.

Bring your penis into an erect state (of course). Think of Jessica Alba rubbing and kissing it. Then unwrap the condom, grab it's tip and squeeze it, so that all the air goes out. Keeping the tip squeezed, put it on the tip of your penis and roll it down, avoiding to let air get inside as well. The whole point of this is to create a vacuum inside the condom. If you accidentally let air go inside it, try to push it out, but be carefull not to break the condom. Now that you are set up, what you have to do is to grab the tip of the condom with one hand, and hold your dick with the other. By pulling the tip away from your body, it should feel like someone is sucking your penis. If it doens't, you let air to go inside the condom. Try and do it again, maybe with another condom. If it feels good, just like a blow job, you are good to go. Start using the fingers of our other hand to rub your penis tip while you're pulling the condom, and then letting it come back. You can also try and jerk it off, but keep stretching and unstretching the condom. For some more fun, watch a blowjob porn clip, and try to do the same things the girl does to the actors dick.

This is a simple, and not exactly-as-a-blowjob toy.

You can find out how to make an advanced blow job simulator, that will really make your feet shiver and give you a great time by buying our Instructable on how to make the best oral, anal and normal sex simulators ever. They are easy and cheap, you only need household items, and they feel even better than the commercially available ones (The Fleshlight for example).

The pillow lover

Difficulty: Low;

Items needed: 1 pillow, 1 sandwich bag, very little water;
Optional: lube.

Now let's get started. This is one of the simplest toys, yet it feels very good and it is easy and fast to make.

Take the sandwich bag and pour a small amout of water inside. It doesn't have to be much, just a little, to make a more welcoming, wet place for your penis. If you have some lube, you can just squirt a small amount of lube inside it. After doing this, place your erect penis inside the bag, to the side, then roll the bag around your penis, so that is wrapped in the bag. After doing this, grab a pillow and fold it in half. Place your dick right between the folds, and start penetrating.

To vary the tightness of your "pussy", just grab the folds below your dick, and hold them. If you want the pussy to feel tighter, hold the folds higher, maybe next to your dick. Grab them lower to loosen your pussy.

After you are done, and you had your happy ending, just take your penis out of the fold and discard the bag. It's a very easy, fast, fun and clean way to have a good time. Try it out now :)